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all natural tick repellent mosquito repellent sussex county njOur business has been successful because we understand not only every aspect, but every purpose of lawn care. Yes, a beautiful lawn can and will definitely increase your property value. However, being wondrous to look at is not by any means the only purpose of a yard. Lawns serve as settings for gatherings of family and friends, recreation, and yes, sometimes even weddings. The staff at BRS Backyard Bug Busters have yards themselves, and they know as well as anyone that to get the full pleasure of a day or evening outside, you can’t have mosquitos that are constantly biting you and your family, including your pets. That is why in the care of your total lawn care, we provide all natural tick and mosquito control in the Ringwood, West Milford, and Vernon New Jersey areas. Our all natural tick and mosquito control application will remedy this problem for you.

BRS Backyard Bug Busters uses all natural tick and mosquito control applications to control the presence of ticks & mosquitos on your property. By applying all natural essential oils with a high pressure spray we treat your outdoor living environment to control ticks, mosquitoes, and other unwanted insects. We offer a simple five application program where we treat your property every 5-7 weeks to help create an oasis free of ticks, mosquitos, and other pesky insects. If you are planning an outdoor event call BRS Backyard Bug Busters first to come treat your property and help protect your guests and enjoy outdoor aromatherapy scent after each application.

The service is called tick and mosquito control because complete eradication is not possible. Although we cannot eliminate every single mosquito from flying into your yard, we can guarantee that you will notice a huge reduction when you decide to spend an evening on your outdoor living environment.  There is one major factor that really makes our tick and mosquito control application shine. It is all natural. We do not spray chemicals that can be harmful to people or their pets. Also, it repels the bad bugs without affecting the good ones. Our tick and mosquito control application gets rid of mosquitoes and ticks as well as fleas and gnats. Also, it will avoid harming beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. Our application will allow those friends of your flowers to do their jobs.

Different houses’ vulnerability to mosquitoes is going to vary even within the same neighborhood. This is due to the differences in their property and their respective outdoor living environments. Mosquitoes like to rest during the day in shaded areas, as well as fencing and bedded regions of your outside. So if you have an exceptionally large tree, or large plants in your yard, you are likely to have more mosquitoes. Also, they reproduce in standing water. Bird baths and other features will be attractive places for them to land. These are things to keep in mind when you are working to improve your outdoor space. The removal of weeds, as well as debris from your yard helps prevent ticks from finding a safe haven to set up shop and reproduce.

BRS Backyard Bug Busters is dedicated to making your outside free from fleas, ticks, mosquitos, flies, gnats, stink bugs, and other unwanted insects as much as possible. Serving the Ringwood, West Milford, and Vernon areas, we would be happy to give you a quote today. Please call us for more information (973) 846-1122.

“Leaves an outdoor aromatherapy scent after each application”


All Natural Product Available

all natural tick treatment mosquito control vernon nj

100% All Natural Insect Control

We have developed our own specialty product! A specific blend of essential oils that controls insects on contact and works as a repellent for up to 30 days after each application.

“With All Natural Essential Oils, It’s Like Having Aroma Therapy For Your Yard.”



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