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Ensure your family's safety with our 100% all-natural solutions, guarding against ticks and mosquitoes without compromising effectiveness.

Tick and Mosquito Control in Vernon, NJ

Discover BRS Backyard Bug Busters, where natural tick and mosquito control in Vernon meets expert lawn care, creating outdoor spaces that are not only safe but stunningly beautiful. With 15 years of experience in Vernon Township, we've crafted a unique approach that guards your loved ones against the dangers of ticks and mosquitoes without compromising the health of your lawn. Personally motivated to protect local families from Lyme disease and other vector-borne diseases, we've refined our practices to provide eco-friendly, effective, and environmentally responsible solutions.

Our tick and mosquito services reflect our commitment to excellence and passion for the outdoors. Based in Vernon, New Jersey, BRS Backyard Bug Busters is a testament to what can be achieved when care for the environment and the well-being of our clients take center stage. Choose us for a greener, safer, and more vibrant outdoor space where your family's health and happiness are our top priority.

Why Choose BRS Backyard Bug Busters

Our top-notch outdoor services offer two key benefits that make us the preferred choice for our valued customers:

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Family-Friendly Products

Our tick, mosquito, and lawn services in Northern Jersey prioritize safety, ensuring minimal disruption to your home and nature!

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No Contracts

Our services outshine the competition, are priced fairly without hidden costs, and proudly offer flexibility without binding contracts.

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Save On Tick and Mosquito Control Services

Dive into our exclusive tick and mosquito defense deals, blended seamlessly with our vital lawn care solutions. Say goodbye to overspending and hello to a lush, pest-free outdoors.

Areas We Service in New Jersey

Here at BRS, we are locally-owned-and-operated, specializing in tick and mosquito management, complimented by our quality lawn care services. For over 15 years, our dedication has protected the communities of Northern Jersey, making us leaders in creating safe and pest-free outdoor spaces.

5 Star Review

Bryan and his company are experts in the safe and healthy care of our yard. Thank you for all your hard work over the years!

Donna Allen
Main Office
5 Star Review

My lawn never looked so good and the service from Brian is amazing! Great company.

Brian Webster
Main Office
5 Star Review

Ever since I have been using BRS my lawn looks great! I love that they use all natural products. I highly recommend BRS

Judy Webber
Main Office
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