Natural Based Lawn Care Program
Serving Ringwood, West Milford and Vernon Areas

We strongly believe that the best way to nurture your lawn, both in disease prevention and in nourishment, is to use our natural based lawn care service. BRS Backyard Bug Busters reduces the use of the traditional synthetic chemicals that many of our competitors opt for in favor of all natural applications. And it works. Just ask anyone around the Ringwood, West Milford, and Vernon, New Jersey area who has allowed us to maintain their lawn care fertilization.

At BRS Backyard Bug Busters, we use a revolutionary natural product on your lawn. It consists of microorganisms that nourish your grass, and reduce the need for harsh chemicals by as much as 90 percent. These microorganisms exponentially increase the efficiency of a small amount of fertilizer, yielding a lush and thick lawn that is highly resistant to both weed and insect alike. 

The natural based lawn care program here at BRS Backyard Bug Busters is a five step application program that begins in the early spring and ends in late fall. Each of the five visits consists of applying natural based fertilizer to your grass in addition to a substantial Micro-spot weed control application. Early spring application is very important consisting of a pre-emergent weed control to prevent crab grass in your lawn. In the summer, your established lawn must still be maintained in order to ward off potential problems. In autumn, the same process serves the purpose of leaving your lawn as strong as possible in preparation for winter. This gives it a head start going into the next growing season. All of our technicians that are attending to your lawn take pride in their work. They are fully certified and licensed by the state, and are willing and capable of answering any questions you may have for them.

If you haven’t called us before, and your lawn is already infested with weeds, we can help you with that problem. One of our sayings is that if you’ve got weeds, we’ve got an app for that. It doesn’t matter what type of weed you have, BRS Backyard bug Busters are all their worst nightmares. The combined treatments of the natural based fertilizer and the Micro-spot weed control will thicken your lawn to the point where eventually there will be very little room for weeds to grow, and the healthier grass will be more resistant to them. This has the long term effect of reducing the environmental impact of lawn treatments. We guarantee that your lawn will make a great foreground for your outdoor living experience.

BRS Backyard Bug Busters has brought the best in natural based lawn care to the Ringwood, West Milford, and Vernon areas for over a half of a decade, and we look forward to doing it for a long time to come. No other locally based lawn care service will be nearly as efficient. And we do it with no man-made chemicals. The combined fertilization and weed control applications will make your lawn look the most beautiful on the block. We are proud to say that the grass is truly greener on this side. If you want the pleasure of looking at a verdant, healthy lawn, please give us a call. Your lawn will be much the better for it. Serving the Ringwood, West Milford, and Vernon areas, we would be happy to give you a quote today. Please call us for more information (973) 846-1122.


All Natural Product Available

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100% All Natural Insect Control

We have developed our own specialty product! A specific blend of essential oils that controls insects on contact and works as a repellent for up to 30 days after each application.

“With All Natural Essential Oils, It’s Like Having Aroma Therapy For Your Yard.”



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We provide Lawn Fertilization, Aeration and Over Seeding and All Natural Tick Repellent and Mosquito Control Services in Vernon NJ, West Milford NJ, Ringwood NJ and surrounding areas. 

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