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Here in the Ringwood, West Milford, and Vernon New Jersey areas BRS Backyard Bug Busters has improved the quality of our customers’ lawns by paying attention to every detail of lawn care fertilizing techniques. This includes a task that is often not thought of by many people who care for their own lawns. Though the effects may not be immediately apparent after it is done, aerating and over seeding your grass will have a long term positive impact on your lawn. When your lawn is aerated, the first thing you see are small clumps of dirt throughout your lawn. But what follows in the weeks to come is a lushness more beautiful than you had before.

There are several benefits to having your lawn aerated. Over time, soil can compact itself due to a combination of factors, particularly rain, gravity, and the compaction may be accelerated if you regularly take part in yard activities. It is harder for both water and nutrients to get to the roots when this is the case. Aeration of your lawn drastically alleviates this problem. The opening of the soil allows the roots to expand, enabling the blade to absorb more of what it needs. Your water bill will also be noticeably lower, as you will be able to adequately nourish your lawn using less water, due to both larger roots and less runoff. If you have a tree in your lawn as part of your outdoor environment, it will also benefit from the aeration. All of the holes that are opened from aeration make a prime place to seed in any thin spots your lawn may have, as well as spots that were eaten by grubs or displaced by weeds.


BRS Backyard Bug Busters aeration and over seeding process is done in late summer to early fall. Care must be taken to not aerate too early, as doing it too soon can damage pre-emergence treatments made to your lawn. The opening of the soil at that time can then enable crabgrass and other weeds to grow and displace your sod or lawn. Unless your lawn has other conditions that make it a special case, we prefer to do it later in the season which is the most beneficial time of the year to perform seeding services.


BRS Backyard Bug Busters doesn’t settle for just any grass when we over seed your lawn. We use a blend of very high quality seed that we disperse right into the scattered holes. When it blends right in with the existing grass, it will create a thick, verdant lawn that will be far more disease and pest resistant. A healthy lawn adds a measure of property value to your home.

For this very critical service, we offer a free consultation. BRS Backyard Bug Busters looks forward to establishing a lasting relationship with you. We are dedicated to making the Ringwood, West Milford, Vernon New Jersey area greener in an all-natural fashion. Don’t put it off and wait for your grass to become threatened! Your lawn is the largest area of your outdoor living environment. We await your call, you and your lawn will not regret it 201-898-5296.


All Natural Product Available

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100% All Natural Insect Control

We have developed our own specialty product! A specific blend of essential oils that controls insects on contact and works as a repellent for up to 30 days after each application.

“With All Natural Essential Oils, It’s Like Having Aroma Therapy For Your Yard.”



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